Wedding photography for me is the story and record of the start of a new family. If we take a moment to think about why we want to hire a wedding photographer, it is often because we want to preserve this very special moment in time forever…in print. We want to show our children what we looked like on this day. We want to remember how our story began and what we looked like and who we were. We want to remember the most important people in our lives who shared in our day…these people won’t be here forever. We want to remember how our day looked in every little detail and every smile and touching moment. This is the beginning of something very special and it is worth the investment; it is the start of a new family.

As your wedding photographer, I want to tell your story of your beginning as a new family. I take this commission very seriously and this is why I limit my commissions to no more than 5-6 per year. Each wedding commission is my chance to write a unique story of a new family through the tangible medium of photography. I am inspired by Art History in the way that painted portraits have stood the test of time and were passed on through the generations. I believe a classic portrait will always stand the test of time. I never want your photography to date and look like it was taken in a certain decade or year. With your help, I will capture your family together in groups but also candidly as they enjoy celebrating this beautiful moment with you. I am grateful that you have chosen me to tell your story of a new family’s beginning.

I am the perfect fit for a couple that values a tangible legacy for the next generation, family and relationships, attention to detail, and a love of art, history, and travel. I am the perfect fit for those who want more than the standard style of wedding images; they want their images to reflect the unique person that they are in this unique moment in time… AND so importantly, they want their images to be timeless and not date. The classics never go out of style.