Shooting a wedding for the first time

It can be such an incredibly delightful task for those shooting a wedding for the first time. Even those with experience in this field get a little nervous when conducting this activity at the start. But then, as time goes by, to make things run more smoothly than what might have happened at the beginning, you need to build up a system and try to learn a lot of lessons of doing things even in hard ways possible if it meant so. Herein is how to get the best out of this;

Get prepared for it

You need to come up with a list of all the people to take up with you on this particular day. It will help you know who is who you are going with and ensures you at all don’t miss out any part of this wedding party. It is also essential before the big day to consider a list of group photographs with both the bride and groom. It will help you avoid some chaos on how to organise up the group on that particular day.

Get your kit right

Ensure you have extra camera bodies, at least two of them. It will be helpful in case one of them breaks down. With this, we mean things like for instance the flashes, lenses, memory cards and also spare batteries. Equip yourself well to avoid any inconveniences in case anything fails to function. Of more importance is an excellent lens than even the camera body. Consider a lens that promises perfect results; the ones that ensure the quality of the image produced is the best one ever.

Consider the one with an image stabiliser as this will help you cope up with conditions of low light. The lens with long focal lengths produces excellent shots without the photographer necessarily getting closer to destroy that intimate moment. It is essential to consider a wide angle lens for this activity when taking group shots for instance and photographs where more of the location needs to get included.

Be as friendly, courteous and charming as possible.
For fantastic results, you need not be bossy even if you had missed some shots during the day. In case you get the visitors at your side, they will be likely to smile and laugh at you; this would be among the battles you need to win.

Be creative in your shot composition and selection

Consider making shots all at different angles and places at large. Shoot through a gate maybe when the couple is kissing, go up and lean out of the first-floor window to take a big group shot, consider sometimes getting low to capture that little flower girl. Do everything to make it turn fantastic.
Make many shots as you can with combinations of people
You will have a better chance to sell many photos if you employ some techniques when taking pictures. You need to ensure to get some lovely memories to every person attending the party. You can like for instance consider taking shots on the bride with each bridesmaid, after that the bride with the dad, with her mum, then a chance when they are all together. Make more and more choices to have some memories stick to every person appearing at a particular photo shoot.

Practice in different posing styles and lighting conditions before the big day
For the bride, make it a step to grab your partner for a mock shoot. You can also do it with friends to stimulate group photographing. It is among the best of best wedding photography tip you need to consider at last. With this tip, the whole day will become much, and you will encounter less stress on the big day if you do early practice for the same.

Make a backup of all your image files
It should be done as soon as possible to avoid losing any file. After this, consider making a second backup on a disc and ensure you have stored it at a different place to that of another backup. It helps in case of an event such as fire, and you are assured of having a copy of these images right away with you.

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