Selling your dress

If you are a recent bride who wore the dress of your dreams but now the wedding is over?.  Have you considered selling your dress?  While this might not be something you have thought of, here are a few reasons why this might be an option for you:

    • Your beautiful dress wont be stuck at the back of your wardrobe just gathering dust
    • You can pass on the dress of your dreams to another beautiful bride to also make her day just as special as yours
    • The money you spent on your dress could be used to purchase other items you can spend as a couple such as a holiday, a new home or renovations

We understand that you will have an emotional attachment to your dress.  Every bride is the same with remembering her special day.  The photos you have will always serve as fond memories which you can share with your family and friends.  You just cant do this with a dress!  Your dress is just a token of the day, just the same as the beautiful table settings you worked so hard to prepare.  Your memories of your special day can never be taken away.