Here are some questions that I get frequently…let’s chat more by filling out my contact form!

How long have you been photographing weddings professionally…I really want to make sure that my vendors are experienced and can handle anything that happens on the day.
I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2006. Photography had always been my hobby, and I had studied Fine Art including Darkroom Photography in college as my minor. I found it very difficult to find a job in Art History (my major) when I moved to Ireland in 2003. I got married in 2004 and unfortunately we didn’t have a professional photographer, just family and friends and their cameras. I was heartbroken that I didn’t get any images that I wanted to frame and I can never get that wedding day back. I decided to learn as much as I could about wedding photography and started photographing some friend’s weddings. I was able to turn it into a career in 2006. After 12 years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings in all sorts of climates across the world, and have so much experience that I am able to handle any unforeseen incidents that may happen on the day. My clients are a treated to a worry-free and professional experience.

Can I see a full real wedding gallery that you have photographed so that I know what to expect?
Yes! I recommend that everyone who is trying to make a final decision on a photographer asks to see a full real wedding gallery. Every photographer is so different in terms of experience and style, and many only put their best and favorite images in their online portfolio. You want to see how a photographer handles challenging lighting and also to see how many images to expect upon delivery. You want to see if the photographer fully edits their images or if that is something that is extra or only done for images in albums. Let’s meet on Skype or in person for an interview, and I would love to show you how my capture of your day is going to be different.

Do you have back-up equipment?
Of course! I wear a harness that carries my medium format film camera on the front, and then either two digital cameras at the sides or a digital and a film SLR. I actually carry 4 cameras on me at all times and also carry back-up cameras and lenses in my car. I carry 4 flashes and numerous batteries, and film and memory cards. I am always fully prepared and employ a professional photographer as my second photographer.

Why don’t you list your prices?
I travel the world to photograph weddings and so I have different brochures for different locations. My travel is included in the price you see listed in the brochure. I price my service by consecutive hourly coverage, but my price also includes the time it takes for me to travel; to fully edit all of the images; the time I spend interacting with clients through emails, calls, and meetings; creating and managing client’s online galleries and also blogging and submitting to magazines/blogs for feature; designing album layouts and ordering supplies to get the job done; my costs of running a business and paying taxes, etc. I spend an average of 3-4 work weeks on each client/wedding and can only take on 5-6 wedding photography commissions per year. Please email me to schedule a consultation.

We would like to keep our images private. Do you offer a buy-out?
In the United States, when the photos are taken then the photographer owns the copyright to the photos. The photographer is the creator of the image, and the photograph is their property…hence copyright protection. The client hires the photographer to create images in their own unique style, and the client is provided with a licence to print the photographs for their own personal use. A licence and copyright are not the same thing. If I was to sell the copyright, that means that the client could use the image for business-use or sell it (like celebrities do). I do understand the need for privacy though, especially with something so personal as a wedding. If you have privacy concerns, then I can put together a folder of images for you to pre-approve for social media or website usage. I do ask some clients if they’d like to submit their wedding for feature and you have the right to refuse this (for example, a wedding magazine feature). If you would rather a total buy-out of copyright, I can provide a quote for this in your contract.Can I have the RAW files?
I get this question sometimes and I am not sure why. The only reason I can think is that a friend or family member might have regretted the photographer they hired in 2008 because of the dated selective coloring they did in the editing of their wedding photographs. They hate that photo of them in black and white with the red roses painted back in…it looks so 2008, and they are stuck with it forever. I do not provide the RAW files to clients. I provide all of your images in high-quality JPEG files. A RAW file is essentially a digital negative. There is no processing done to it. The style of your photographer’s processing in the digital darkroom is why you hire them…it is because you like the look of their images. I use analogue film and digital on the wedding day and I aim to present you with a set of elegant timeless photography that won’t date. I will never apply trendy filters or processing. You will not need the RAWS so that you can correct my processing style in 20 years. My processing style is one of the reasons you hire me to document your day…it is your style too.