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Busy couples who have gorgeous weddings to plan in and around Fort Collins and Vail (Casey is from there), know to contact Casey Muller from Pink Diamond Events. Casey is a certified wedding planner in Fort Collins and plans weddings in all parts of Colorado.

I found Casey when I was researching the local wedding vendors here in Fort Collins last summer. I was just coming from Ireland, where I knew a team of fabulous wedding vendors that I knew provided amazing service to clients. I could see the quality and professionalism in Casey’s website and her own aesthetic, but most most importantly Casey looked friendly and kind. I knew she was the kind of person who a client could trust to plan their events and leave all of their worries behind.

I met up with Casey in Fort Collins and we had a great chat. We planned two wedding style shoots, which were featured recently on Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks. I am so impressed with Casey’s skills as a planner of events and shoots. There is a lot of work involved in coordinating people and choosing styles of vendors, and Casey has great taste and vision. She does her work with the sweetest smile and I don’t believe she would be fazed by any drama or problem! She’s cute, but she also takes the lead and gets the job done!

I met up with her recently to take some portraits in Old Town Fort Collins using film photography (Portra 160 and a Mamiya 645 AFd for photography peeps). We had a little interview as I wanted to find out more about Casey and her passion for weddings.
Introducing, Casey Muller of Pink Diamond Events!

1.) Hi Casey! I’m sure everyone wants to know, do you wear a pink diamond? And where did the name for your business come from?
Ha! I get asked that a lot! I do have a Pink Diamond, but the ring came after the business. I really love the color pink because it can be associated with so many different emotions depending on the tone. I have always liked business with colors in the name and of course diamonds are strongly associated with all weddings. So I did a bit of research and found out pink Diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. So I thought Pink Diamond was a perfect name for a wedding. Its a planning business. It’s a little bit glamorous, a little bit romantic, and completely unique.

2.) Why did you get into wedding planning? What is your story?
I started in event planning working with one of the top wedding planners in Laguna Beach when I lived in California. From her I learned how to deal in high pressure situations while keeping calm. From there I went on to work in hotels, then as the wedding manager for a catering company in Vail Colorado, and then as the full service wedding planner for an independent wedding planner. All these experiences has really given me a complete view of what is important to make an event run successfully based on the different elements within an event.

3.) What is your dream wedding to plan? What would it look like?
I have been fortunate enough to plan some amazing weddings in my career. I would love to plan a destination wedding internationally. I love to travel and this would incorporate my love of traveling with my love of wedding planning. (Casey, this is Lisa…I have a lot of experience in photographing destination weddings, so you know who your wingman or woman can be for that wedding!)

4.) Do you plan with a certain aesthetic in mind? Or feeling for the event? How do you make each event unique?
Once I start working with a couple to plan their wedding, we discuss their personal style, their favorite activities, their hobbies and interests, in addition to the overall vision for the wedding and how they want the event to feel. Some brides have a very specific idea while others may only have a vague feeling they are going for. I love hearing the couples vision for their wedding and then help to add ideas and elements to help enhance the design and guest experience. Part of my job is to stay ahead of on the trends and what you see on pinterest, so once we start discussing their vision and creating the storyboard we add unique elements that fit their personality and personal style.

5.) I’m sure wedding planners have lots of great tips! Do you have any you can share with us?
The number one thing you should do before you start planning create your tentative guests list. This will affect so many things and I see so many couples start looking at venues and vendors before they even have an idea of actually how many people they are going to invite. If you reserve a venue that fits 140 people and you actually invite 250, you are going to have a problem. So make sure this is the first step!

Also, don’t be afraid to be different from what you are seeing on Pinterest. If you have seen it, then chances are so have a ton of other brides, and it is not unique anymore. If you want a modern minimalist weddings, don’t have it in a barn just because you see that everyone is having barn weddings. When you look back at your wedding you want to know you stayed true to yourself and planned a wedding that you wanted, not what was current or trendy.

Great tips Casey! Thank you so much for coming in front of the camera and sharing your story!

Some shoots that Casey planned for me to photograph:


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    Well, she’s about as cute as can be and she does gorgeous work!

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    Stunning work and great photos! You two make a great team!

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    these headshots are so fun & gorgeous!!

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    What a great post! It’s filled with so much wonderful information & beautiful imagery. Great job!

  5. Casey Muller · May 6, 2021 Reply

    Thanks for the post! I am just thrilled with the photos!

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    What a great little interview, she does beautiful work!

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    amazing venue!!!

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