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Being a mother of two boys has made me a better photographer of children and families. I am sensitive to the relationship between the parent and child, and I acutely understand the passage of time and the importance of printing photographs of this time. Also, what is particularly interesting to me is the bond and relationship between a mother and her child or children. This is something we all feel as mothers, but it is something that is rarely captured on film. Film in the traditional sense, by the way…I’m not a videographer or film maker!

I love capturing a Mommy & Me session of fellow photographers! As photographers and mothers, we don’t appear in our family photographs too often. We are the ones behind the camera, or the ones in control. I was so happy to capture some memories of my friend and fellow film photographer in Fort Collins, Danielle DeFiore. Danielle and Anella are like models…beautiful girls! This tiny fleeting moment in time, when Anella was nearly 7 months old, goes so quickly! I know it from having children of my own. Take the time to have these moments captured and hang the prints up on your wall where your children can see how much they mean to you and how much they are an important part of our lives. Thanks again Danielle and Anella!

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