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Part of being a professional photographer is being a business person too. It’s just not good enough to be able to properly expose film and know how to Photoshop. If I want to continue doing the job I love, I have to learn how to be a business person too.

Recently I wrote down my mission statement or purpose of business: why I do what I do. If I don’t know why I shoot weddings or other genre, then how will my clients know why their time with me behind the camera is special? So here it is….very simple statements for the genre that I photograph and an illustration with one of my photographs. As some of you know, I’m very passionate about shooting film, but that is not all. This is why I do what I do.

WEDDINGS: I provide personalised service and highest quality film photography that a family will treasure as an heirloom. I present a couple’s individual story in a fine-art still style but also document the realness of the event in candids. The split second moment of that first kiss or glance as a newly wed husband or wife, and those people close to you that you treasure and love…no matter what religion, color, or sex.

GLAMOUR/BOUDOIR: A personalised experience to reach into a woman’s soul and photograph her true self. To give women confidence in their own individual beauty. To celebrate being the fabulous creature that is a woman.

PORTRAITS: Again, finding the true self within a person and capturing it on beautiful traditional film. Providing a tangible heirloom for the next generation.

FAMILIES/CHILDREN: Capturing a family’s individual dynamic as a specific moment in time. Providing a tangible heirloom for the family and children to treasure and hand down.

EDITORIAL/COMMERCIAL: Seeing a product in a unique way that references art and history. Providing high quality imagery, with an elegant interpretation.

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  1. Danielle DeFiore · October 4, 2021 Reply

    Well Said! Love it!

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