Meghan, Andrea Landsbach backdrop, Fort Collins glamour portrait photography by Lisa O'Dwyer-4


Meghan is my beautiful friend, the photographer behind Meghan Scott Molin Photography here in Fort Collins. I met Meghan when she came to visit Ireland with her husband.

Meghan has an Olde Worlde European look and I thought she would be the perfect model to test out my new hand-painted backdrop by artist Andi Landsbach

The hand-painted backdrop has an elegant artistic look and is perfect for the type of portrait photography I’d like to do more of in my studio here in Fort Collins, Colorado. There is a subtle shimmer to the paint which adds the right amount of glam!

The vintage kimono was one that I bought at a temple market in when I lived in Japan in 2001-2003. I think it is a child’s one, and it is so delicate and completely handmade. I was lucky that Meghan is very petite! The blue velvet sash is an antique ribbon from the 1820s that I bought on Etsy.

For the photographs with the black lace top, I had envisioned Meghan as a European aristocrat. I have an antique jeweled hairpiece that I placed in her hair to finish the look.

I love that modern glamour portrait photography can be so fun! We had a great time together and sat afterward at the table and drank Irish tea.

Ladies, if you are interested in a glamour portrait session in my studio, shot on luscious film (these shots were on my Contax 645 and Pentax 6×7), contact me.

Thanks again Meghan for being the perfect model!

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  1. Johnny Corcoran · September 27, 2021 Reply

    Fab photos, love the colour and BW.

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