Thank you to Kyle and Krissy who had me photograph their wedding at Chief Hosa in Golden, Colorado recently! Keegan of Steele The Spotlight did Krissy’s perfect makeup look, and a friend of Krissy’s created her florals. We had lots of time for fabulous portraits including a First Look at Lookout Mountain in Golden. Kyle and Krissy left their dinner at sunset for about 10 minutes which enabled me to create some atmospheric portraits with my beloved film cameras. This wedding was so heartfelt and full of smiles that it was just an absolute pleasure to be able to capture these tangible memories for them!


Krissy wore the same veil that her mother wore on her own wedding day…love that!

  • wendy laurel said:

    so pretty from start to finish. What a lovely wedding!

  • This wedding made me tear up...honest! Just so beautifully captured Lisa! Love the little boys shot.
    Such a memory that will be. Details are wonderful. Love the windshield shot as well.
    Thank you for what you do so well so that I could enjoy so much beauty.

    Joyce Goeppinger

    • Lisa said:

      You are so sweet Joyce! Thank you for these words! Weddings are so much about the people and their relationships, and the slice-of-life moment frozen in happy I was able to convey the emotion of this wedding and these beautiful people to you!

  • melanie said:

    oh, lisa! this wedding is stunning!! i love those portraits... that light is perfection! <3

  • Mike Stange(Bride's Father) said:

    Lisa enjoyed this Blog, when or how do we get to see the photos of the whole wedding? Still waiting(8-28-15) to hook up on line and see all your pictures of Krissy/Kyle wedding.