Cherokee Castle wedding photographer Lisa O'Dwyer, styling by Isabelle Kline


Sneak peek of a wonderful engagement session for my Broadmoor wedding couple Kai and Christina! This was at Cherokee Castle and Ranch near Denver, and the couple and shoot were beautifully styled by Isabelle Kline.

Cherokee Castle wedding photographer Lisa O'Dwyer, Cherokee Castle engagement session, Isabelle Kline Design Denver stylist




Christina’s amazing review! I love this!
“How we found Lisa on google to these days still amaze Lisa, Isabelle (our wedding planner), my fiancee and I. At the time, Lisa was just starting her business in Fort Collins after moving from Ireland. Lisa thought that I found her through a recommendation. I feel that it is all fate that make us choose Lisa since the first vendor that Kai and I want to book is a photographer. Kai and I knew what we wanted in our wedding/engagement photography. We want European style with a little bit of Asian flair on our pictures. We want photography that can portray the beautiful scenery like those found in European wedding magazine, the couple’s amazing wardrobe like those that are popular in Asian engagement pictures, but still maintain the emotion and the intimacy of the couple. To us, that is what describe a classic photography that we want to show and look over and over again At the time, we do not know where our wedding will be as Kai and I don’t live in the same state and our parents live abroad. We start googling (Yes Google!!) for wedding photographer in potential places where we could have our wedding (Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Singapore, Indonesia). Our search take about 4 hours and one of the big contenders of photographer was Lisa O Dwyer in Colorado. We think that it is fate that we book with Lisa because Colorado was the place where Kai and I met as college students. The fact that we are going back to Colorado to get married is amazing. After searching for more of her work in Style me Pretty and the Knot, I found out that most of Lisa’s work were destination wedding and engagement photography in Europe. She also had lived in Japan and did some work there. To us, she was the perfect photographer that can capture all the 3 aspects that we want Meeting with Lisa was effortless. She told you upfront on what to expect. She brought her samples of albums and flawless printed photography. Yes! she was one of the few photographers that still use film. Since the only vendor that we found was the photographer, we were quite behind on planning the wedding. Lisa immediately give us recommendation of wedding planners. We ended up booking one of her recommendation, Isabelle Kline who was as amazing as her. Isabelle and Lisa teamed up to style our engagement shoot. Isabelle chose the beautiful Cherokee castle for the location. I styled the wardrobe that we were wearing. The photo shoot was very fun. Lisa gave clear directions, so we know how to pose. She didn’t make us feel awkward or second guess ourselves when we were posing. Just like that, the two hours flew by really fast. I asked Lisa to take a couple picture on our Iphone. That Iphone pictures were gorgeous! WE COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE TOOK SUCH GORGEOUS PICTURE ON A FREAKING IPHONE. Lisa was just not a photographer to us, but in a way she is planning for our wedding with us. She is not just a talented photographer, but she has a lot of information and connection in the wedding industry. To this day my favorite pictures are a stand alone shot of Kai. Kai doesn’t usually have his picture taken. I tell my future mother in law that I can’t stop staring at his picture because he looks like a GQ model :p Thank you Lisa! It is a pleasure to meet and work with you and we could not wait for our wedding in September!”

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