"borgo di trafilata destination wedding"

“When we got engaged, my fiancé and I agreed that our top three priorities for our wedding were great food, great music and a great photographer.

I had seen Lisa O’ Dwyer’s work before somewhere and I loved how soft and beautiful the pictures were. When we started researching photographers for our wedding and looked at Lisa’s website, we realised that she is one of the few photographers to use mainly film photography, which we loved. So, even though we researched almost forty photographers in total, for us, none of them came close to Lisa, so we contacted Lisa and thankfully, she was free on our date! As we were getting married in Rome, Italy, it seemed like fate when Lisa told us that she had spent some time studying in Italy and was very familiar with Rome!

Once Lisa was booked, we just needed to decide on the photography package that we wanted. Eoin and I both agreed that our pictures and our wedding rings are really the only tangible things from our wedding day so we choose a package that included a beautiful wedding album and a full set of photographs from our day.

Our package also included an engagement session, which we got to do in Rome a few days before our wedding! We are not the most comfortable people in front of the camera but Lisa was absolutely amazing at making us feel relaxed and just making the whole session so much fun. Eoin was particularly nervous about it but even he said ‘it was quite good fun’! In hindsight, it was a great idea to do an engagement session as it really made us feel so relaxed and at ease on our actual wedding day, that we didn’t even notice Lisa. And, we got stunning photographs of us having fun in Rome, presented in a beautiful box, that really captured our excitement and anticipation in the days before our wedding.

Our wedding celebrations were mainly held in a venue just outside of Rome so Lisa joined us on the evening before our wedding so she would be onsite on the morning of our wedding so there would be no issues with travel delays or anything like that. Lisa, Eoin and I had already have several email and Skype conversations about the specific photographs that we wanted and the timeline for the day. Lisa was fantastic at giving advice and suggestions on the order of our photographs, which was really helpful and took a lot of stress out of organising the pictures, especially since I have nine siblings, so there was thirty people in my immediate family alone! Lisa managed to get all our group photographs just after the ceremony and then my new husband and I went with Lisa for about forty minutes to get some couple shots done. Everything was very seamless and relaxed, which is exactly what we wanted!

So, for the pictures………we got the engagement photographs and the full suite of the wedding photographs first, both in beautifully presented boxes and we couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. We were so thrilled with Lisa’s work and we hadn’t even seen the album yet but we knew it would be amazing! We recently got our album and it is absolutely beautiful! We can’t believe it’s actually us in the pictures, as it all looks like a fairytale. We are so happy that we made the decision to, firstly, have Lisa as our photographer and secondly, that we choose a package that included beautifully presented hardcopies of all our photographs and a stunning wedding album that we will have forever.

As you can see, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lisa at all!”

- Catherine & Eoin, Borgo di Tragliata, Italy. 2014

"Jenny Packham dress Ireland wedding"

“My husband and I cannot express just how delighted we are with our wedding photographs ! Lisa captured our day perfectly and we now have images, prints and an album we will treasure forever. From the day we met Lisa for our engagement shoot in Ireland to our Skype and email communications ( Ireland to Colorado) and then the wedding day itself in Durrow Castle, Lisa was the embodiment of professionalism, vision and creativity.. Thank you Lisa for giving us a wonderful joy-filled experience and a product we know our children’s children will enjoy and cherish. The beauty of each shot, quality of the prints, the gorgeous album and the exemplary service have ensured we are both more than satisfied with Lisa O’Dwyer Photography. It’s beyond satisfaction - we are delighted with ourselves for finding you!!! We would recommend you to everyone we know!” 

- Deirdre & Andrew, Castle Durrow, Ireland. 2014

"Evergreen Colorado wedding photographer review"

“Lisa is an UNBELIEVABLE photographer! I looked and looked for over a year and a half for a photographer whose work is timeless, whimsical, beautiful, and wistful – images that would become family heirlooms for generations. The day I finally found Lisa, I stopped looking and contacted her! She is even more incredible in person. She is kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and a true artist. I am usually very uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Lisa made me feel relaxed and at ease. Our photos reflect just that! We couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, which made for sincere images that reflect our personalities and the love we share. There is nothing contrived or forced about her photography or style. Her work is memorable and gorgeous.”

- Emily & James, 2014

"Cherokee Castle engagement Lisa O'Dwyer"

“How we found Lisa on google to these days still amaze Lisa, Isabelle (our wedding planner), my fiancee and I. At the time, Lisa was just starting her business in Fort Collins after moving from Ireland. Lisa thought that I found her through a recommendation. I feel that it is all fate that make us choose Lisa since the first vendor that Kai and I want to book is a photographer.

Kai and I knew what we wanted in our wedding/engagement photography. We want European style with a little bit of Asian flair on our pictures. We want photography that can portray the beautiful scenery like those found in European wedding magazine, the couple’s amazing wardrobe like those that are popular in Asian engagement pictures, but still maintain the emotion and the intimacy of the couple. To us, that is what describe a classic photography that we want to show and look over and over again

At the time, we do not know where our wedding will be as Kai and I don’t live in the same state and our parents live abroad. We start googling (Yes Google!!) for wedding photographer in potential places where we could have our wedding (Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Singapore, Indonesia). Our search take about 4 hours and one of the big contenders of photographer was Lisa O Dwyer in Colorado. We think that it is fate that we book with Lisa because Colorado was the place where Kai and I met as college students. The fact that we are going back to Colorado to get married is amazing.

After searching for more of her work in Style me Pretty and the Knot, I found out that most of Lisa’s work were destination wedding and engagement photography in Europe. She also had lived in Japan and did some work there. To us, she was the perfect photographer that can capture all the 3 aspects that we want Meeting with Lisa was effortless. She told you upfront on what to expect. She brought her samples of albums and flawless printed photography. Yes! she was one of the few photographers that still use film.Lisa was just not a photographer to us, but in a way she is planning for our wedding with us. She is not just a talented photographer, but she has a lot of information and connection in the wedding industry. To this day my favorite pictures are a stand alone shot of Kai. Kai doesn’t usually have his picture taken. I tell my future mother in law that I can’t stop staring at his picture because he looks like a GQ model :p Thank you Lisa! It is a pleasure to meet and work with you and we could not wait for our wedding in September!/em>

- Kai and Christina, Cherokee Castle Engagement Session

"Fort Collins wedding photographer Lisa O'Dwyer"

“We soooo enjoyed working with Lisa D’Owyer! She was warm, professional, and flexible! Lisa offered us 2 planned dates to shoot as the weather was questionable at the time! I was very interested in utilizing a film photographer for our engagement photos as I love the look it produces! I know this requires a skilled photographer as one cannot “spray and pray.” But I was not concerned as I loved the look of her work! I was also very interested in finding a creative photographer that would not produce ‘typical’ engagement photos. Lisa was open to my ideas for the shoot and helped guide us for what would work best. She was thoughtful in her composition and most importantly made us feel relaxed! We had never done a professional shoot before and Lisa guided us appropriately. I am very pleased with the quality of work we received and would highly recommend Lisa for your next shoot.”

- Janine & Josh, Fort Collins Colorado, 2014

wedding at Castle Oliver, fine art wedding photographers Ireland, Lisa O'Dwyer

“Searching for a wedding photographer was a challenge! So many were great, but quite generic, over stylised or simply extortionate. We found Lisa through a friend’s recommendation and from the moment we met, I knew we were in safe hands. Her art history background reassured my artist husband that the photographs would be truly special. I was especially impressed that a wedding photographer was competent and confident enough to use film, in an age where it seems to be dying out.

The entire process was easy with open communication about our aspirations for the day, how to organise our wedding party and the timing of each part of the day. It was seamless (despite the inclement weather!) and enjoyable. Lisa was able to capture tender moments with us alone, without intruding, and was equally capable of handling the rowdy groomsmen and countless family into dynamic compositions. She directs with ease and confidence and is brilliantly efficient.

The end result is that we have the most incredible collection of images from our day that we will cherish for years to come and look forward to sharing with our future children/grandchildren!”

- Catriona & Jamie, Castle Oliver, Ireland, 2013.

"Estes Park wedding Lisa O'Dwyer"

“My husband and I are from Texas and there is nothing we love more than warm, friendly people. Lisa could be a Texan at heart. Lisa is exceptional in every way. Her work is absolutely stunning, her personality is beautiful, and her ability to capture the moment is priceless. I am horribly awkward in front of a camera, and Lisa managed to do what few are able. She captured real moments between us that weren’t staged or oddly posed. Lisa gave us a priceless gift. Our engagement and wedding photos are stunning. I look at them every day and each time all of the emotion, love and joy comes back to me through those images. My husband and I are fairly conservative and traditional in taste, but we like to have a little twist of uniqueness. Lisa was perfect for us. Her images are not cookie cutter. The use of film is a lost art, and the photos are so much more unique than just a bunch of digital shots. Perfection. And, to top it off, Lisa is just one of the kindest people you will ever meet.”

Joette and Justin, Estes Park wedding, 2015

"Leadville Colorado wedding photographer Lisa O'Dwyer"

“I’m normally not a “reviewer,” but I can’t begin to say enough about Lisa and her work for our engagement pictures! I fell in love with her style when I saw her work posted on my favorite wedding blogs. Lisa is not only the ultimate professional, but she is kind, warm, friendly, honest, genuine, and the perfect addition to our engagement and wedding experience. She was so easy to get to know and feel comfortable around. She has made our decision of splurging on our engagement and wedding photos beyond worth it. The value of her work is priceless to us, and I am thrilled to have our insanely beautiful photos become timeless heirlooms for us and our families! Thank you so much, Lisa!”

Scott and Kyle, Leadville Colorado, 2015

“Working with Lisa was an absolute pleasure! We had our engagement photos taken in May and it was so much fun. I was really nervous because I have never been professionally photographed before but Lisa put my mind at ease and made the whole experience fun. I think the most important part for me was that Lisa was so encouraging and made me feel absolutely beautiful. We just received our photographs today and they are gorgeous! The attention to detail is apparent and you can just tell how much talent is behind Lisa’s lens. Every photo is truly a piece of fine art and we are so excited for Lisa to photograph our wedding! These are quality photographs that will never go out of style and that will hopefully be passed down to future generations.”

Brice and Ian, Rocky Mountain engagement session, 2015