How We Are Different:

Luxury in wedding photography is without a doubt about experience. Lisa started photographing weddings professionally in 2006. It took at least 5 years for her to learn her craft so that she could deliver a consistent product. It took at least 6-7 years to develop a signature style. Experience is something that cannot be taught in a class or conveyed through branding, it is only learned over time. Lisa’s 12 years of experience is highly valued by her clients who are experienced professionals in their own careers. Years of experience, along with being able to sense the “moment” and capture it in a split-second, is of extreme value on the wedding day. Martha Stewart Weddings “How To Hire A Wedding Photographer” is a great resource for couples, and confirms Lisa’s belief that experience should be number one in criteria when hiring a wedding photographer…the photography is something you cannot do over.

Lisa only hires experienced professional photographers with their own businesses to be her second photographer at weddings. This is because Lisa values their experience and knowledge, and isn’t interested in “training” a new photographer on a wedding day. The second photographer’s work perfectly blends with Lisa’s style and they present themselves as a team on the day. When not employing a second photographer for a wedding, Lisa has nearly 12 years of experience photographing weddings on her own. She carries full liability insurance.

Luxury wedding photography is always about quality, not quantity. Lisa does not believe in offering less-expensive lower quality albums and products and complimentary engagement sessions to make her packages/collections prices seem more “attainable”. She uses the best quality albums available to professional photographers. The quality of these albums is second to none…you will be able to see and feel the difference compared to standard albums. Also, these albums have lifetime guarantees for craftsmanship from the album companies…they are meant to last a lifetime and to be passed down through the generations. They are hand-sewn by master bookbinders and take 6 weeks to make compared to standard albums that are made by a machine in one day. Of course if you’d like to make your own album, Lisa can advise you of the best places to source your album.

Lisa only shows REAL weddings and portraits in her portfolio. A styled shoot with models is not the same as a real wedding. These shoots are meant to be inspiration only and are clearly labelled as Editorial in her portfolio. Weddings are unpredictable events and that is why experience is important. She is confident in her ability to create consistent work at a high quality in all lighting situations and climates, and is happy to share a full real wedding with you during your consultation.

Lisa and her photography have consistently received 5* reviews across the board. She is very happy to share some on her Testimonials page and on review sites such as The Knot, and Wedding Wire. She aims to deliver a 5* experience and product with every wedding. Lisa recently was awarded the 2016 Best of Weddings for Photography. This is awarded to the top 1% of photographers on The Knot Colorado and is based on reviews from Lisa’s brides and grooms and from the editors of the Knot. She has also been selected as one of the Top 20 Photographers in Denver by Bridebox and Top 20 Photographers in Fort Collins by Expertise.

Every photographer’s uniquely different personality and life experiences will affect his or her photographic style. Lisa’s style has been modified and tuned over 12 years of photographing over 200 weddings. Lisa’s childhood growing up in rural Pennsylvania (more on the ABOUT page) influences her dedication to nature in her photography. Natural light and the beauty and poetry of the outdoors are a perfect setting for her portraits. Lisa’s most influential family-members were bohemian and professional artists. The need to create original work is very real for Lisa as an artist. Lisa’s experience as an Art History major and travelling the world is very important to her style also. A catalog of art history is a strong visual in her mind and she references this when creating and composing. And finally, Lisa’s 13 years of travel and living abroad deeply influences her style in that she is obsessed with culture and history…culminating in a refined, classical, elegant style that has a touch of whimsy. Lisa’s clients have told her that what makes her style unique is that she manages to do both fine-art and candid documentary styles well. Her style captures their days in an authentic way that is beautiful and real. Lisa’s real wedding photography is well-respected by those in the industry and has been published in print internationally in magazines in Japan, the UK, New Zealand and Ireland, and now nationally in Cottage Hill magazine, and in Colorado in The Knot and Rocky Mountain Bride magazines.

This is something people probably don’t consider when choosing their photographer, but personality is so important. When looking at a photographer’s work, does the couple look uncomfortable or unflattering? Lisa only takes no more than 5-6 wedding commissions per year because she needs time to build a relationship with her clients. In her photographs, people are happy and in flattering poses. Lisa’s joyful personality and playful interaction along with confident direction into flattering poses, is key to creating beautiful photography. She becomes a confidante to her clients and spends 3-4 full work-weeks on every wedding commission. She is dedicated to her clients in every way ensuring a 5* luxury wedding photography experience.