How long have you been a photographer?
I got my first camera in high school in 1992. I first learned how to develop film and print in the darkroom in art school in the mid 90s. I kept shooting film until 2005, when I bought my first digital camera. I started shooting professionally a year later and it was all digital. I was always trying to process my digital to look like film though. In 2011, I realised my favorite photographers were film shooters. I invested in Contax and Mamiya medium­ format cameras and started shooting weddings hybrid (a mix of film and digital). Today, I mostly shoot film but will supplement with some digital too.

Do you have backup equipment?
Of course! A professional is always prepared for mechanical failure. I bring along 2 medium format film cameras, 2 35mm film cameras, a digital camera, 2 flashguns, video lights and a selection of lenses. I usually carry 2 film cameras and one digital camera on me throughout the day. I carry full professional photographer’s insurance as well.

Do you have a disk only package?
I offer the disk of high resolution photos a la carte and it’s included in the wedding collections. Technology is changing constantly and the disk shouldn’t be the end result of your wedding photography. I offer a beautiful box of 4×6 inch prints in some collections and as an add-on so that you have real prints to pass around and admire. I encourage couples to invest in an heirloom album or box of mounted prints as the culmination of their session or wedding and provide a discount at the time of ordering and album credits as an incentive. This is what you will have left after your wedding day. Your memories deserve to be in print, not just on a computer. I cannot guarantee the quality of prints that you will get printing off the disk. This is why I provide you with an online gallery from which to order prints and products. Anything ordered from this online gallery will be printed professionally and guaranteed to be the best quality.

How many photographs can we expect from a session or wedding?
For a session with 2 outfit changes, you can usually expect around 40-60 images. With an 8 hour wedding day, you can usually expect 600 or more images. I always choose to give you the best images from all that were taken. You will not receive the images that have been rejected in my editing process. Quality is always important to me concerning your wedding coverage or session. I’d rather give you 500 stunning images from your wedding that you will love rather than 1000 mediocre uninspired images.

When can we expect to receive our images?
Your images will usually be in your online gallery within 3 weeks during the slow season of November-March. And usually within 4­ to 6 weeks during the high season of April-October. Once you approve the images for your album selection, it usually takes a further 6-8 weeks to receive the album. Albums are made in the low-season from November to April.

How many hours do I need to tell the story of my wedding?
All weddings are different…that is why I offer hourly coverage as well as collections (which are the best value). Hourly coverage under 6 hours can only be booked up to 6 weeks in advance for Saturday weddings. Weekday weddings with less than 6 hours coverage can be booked any time in advance. I recommend doing a First Look as this gives you back time during the cocktail hour and also gives you the time to get amazing emotional images from the 1st time you see each other! The most popular collection is 8 hours and I do recommend this one as it leaves more time for creative portraiture. Destination weddings start at 8 hours coverage and there is an elopement collection as well.

How do I book, and when?
Dates can only be secured with a non­-refundable reservation fee. We do not hold dates under any circumstances in fairness to others who might be interested in the same date. We want to give our couples our undivided attention and fantastic service, so we only book up to 15 weddings per year. Book early to avoid disappointment. We LOVE destination weddings and have years of experience travelling and living in other countries like Ireland, Italy, and Japan! Don’t risk getting a local photographer whose style and manner you might be uncomfortable with on your amazing day.

Why should I choose a film photographer?

Just because digital photography is new it doesn’t mean it’s better! I use film mainly because I love the look and quality! But I use digital too in certain challenging lighting situations when I don’t use high speed B&W film. Ultimately, digital and film are simply tools. I like to compare them to paintbrushes (for me, film is the sable brush). It is the vision of the artist that creates the art, it is not the tools he or she uses. The tools and medium are personal preference and give a certain feel or mood to the image. You should choose the photographer who best speaks to your soul and whom you entrust to love your day as much as you do!