About Us

Planning Weddings is a venture of Lisa O’Dwyer who own the Registered business of Planning Weddings. This directory is an off-shoot of Planning Weddings which operates under the umbrella of Lisa O’Dwyer.

The Directory is primarily intended to introduce ethical wedding specialists to couples intending to ‘tie the knot’ and marry. Neither Lisa O’Dwyer it’s staff or Planning Wedding and staff can be held liable for the accuracy of any listings in our directory. Some may be created by members and some by management using information from the business listed.

Planning weddings hold Wedding expos twice yearly. We’ve done that since 2006. Wedding Professionals who wish to promote their business in our directory are welcome to apply for membership. Not only does this give you the ability to use the Directory like a website but allows you to have a domain name ‘point’ to your listing as if it were a website. Need more information? Give us a call during daylight hours on 07 3824 3824 or use our contact form (in the menu bar above) to write to us.