Henna Eyebrows

8 Facts about Henna Eyebrows You Need to Know

If you are looking for a way to darken your eyebrows without altering your appearance, you should consider having henna eyebrows. There are many eyebrows dying kits in the market, but most of them have been proven to be unsafe with adverse consequences. Therefore, your best bet will be to use a natural ingredient like henna to achieve that bold look. Henna is derived from plants, and therefore it’s completely natural. It also bonds well with skin and hair with no adverse reaction making it a popular item in the beauty industry. However, caution should be observed when using it as it can be dangerous if it gets into the eyes.

Henna eyebrows are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. It is proving to be a life-saver among people who don’t have naturally dense eyebrows. Eyebrow hennas are done by tinting the skin beneath the eyebrow hairs. Many brow stylists will opt to do a test first to verify that you are not allergic to henna despite it being a natural product. They will conduct a patch test to rule out any redness or soreness on your skin. They will also inquire if you have ever had an allergic reaction to henna in the past. Another sign for them not to proceed with the process is if you have an infection or eczema in the eyebrows area.

If you are eager to get that perfect shade to your eyebrows and are looking for an ideal; product to achieve this, then henna is your best option. You will be able to get thicker and well-defined eyebrows, and the process is fast, safe, and effective. Here are facts about using henna for eyebrows


Henna is free from chemicals and any harsh metals. It contains no additives that can cause damage.

Darkens the grey hairs effectively.

If you have stubborn grey hairs, henna will efficiently cover them, making them blend perfectly with the rest of your brow hairs.

No ammonia

Henna is a natural dye with no ammonia content in it. Many people react differently to ammonia. Dyes with ammonia have been known to cause irritation and respiration problems.

Long-lasting results

The process results take time to diminish, and you can have a repeat process once it starts fading. The colour effect will keep you going for days to come.


Since henna is a natural product, it is a safe beauty alternative, and anyone can use it. It is eco-friendly.


The results are instant, and your eyebrows will be ready in less than 30 minutes. This makes henna a good tinting product even for those who are on tight schedules and can hardly afford a lot of time to spare.

Suitable for all

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is; henna is suitable for all. It is skin-friendly and comes highly recommended for use by all skin kinds. It is gentle to those with sensitive skin.

Zero side effects

There are no side effects experienced from using henna, and you can have the process done and go on with life as usual. You don’t have to wait for anything to happen or for some minutes for an adverse reaction.

Once you have done your henna eyebrows, make sure that you follow the aftercare tips given to you by your stylist. The most important tip is to avoid rubbing the area treated as this will tamper with the eyebrow. You will not be able to do any facial steaming for at least 24 hours, and if you were planning to do one, make sure you do it before the process. You also won’t be able to swim or tan for at least 24 hours, as this may cause the tint to fade.

It is good to know that the longer the henna eyebrows last will depend on your skin type and the maintenance regime you follow. You will also have to use less water when caring for your brows. The most significant advantage of henna eyebrows is that it is affordable, and with its growing popularity becoming available in different beauty spots making it easily accessible. You will be able to afford the process every few weeks when fading starts occurring. You can purchase henna at a local store and try doing the process yourself though we highly recommend getting it done by a trained eyebrow stylist.

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